See only our Experienced regular  GP every time from the comfort of your own home

Virtue Medical distinguishes ourself from other tele-providers in that you will always consult with our regular experienced GP doctor who is running our physical clinic, and we strive to provide the same standard of care as if you were visiting our clinic in-person. 

There is also no need to download any apps – we use Plato Connect which works on any web browser (Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox) on your mobile, tablet, PC or laptop. 

If you are experiencing serious symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, weakness or numbness or unsteady gait, vision loss, loss of consciousness, severe abdominal pain, severe injuries, discolouration of limbs etc, please call 995 or proceed to the nearest Emergency Department. Such symptoms may be life-or-limb threatening and are not suitable for tele-medicine!

See our Experienced trusted regular GP for every Teleconsultation

Opens Daily for appointment booking

$22 on weekdays,
$32 after 6pm on weekdays and on weekends

Medications Delivered to your door step

*within 3 hours. Flat delivery fee of $5 anywhere in Singapore except Sentosa, Tuas and Jurong Island.

Telemedicine FAQs

How can I use Telemedicine?

Telemedicine can be used for any acute illnesses that you would normally see your GP for, such as common colds, headaches, diarrhoea, menstrual cramps, skin conditions, except there is no physical examination. If your condition requires, you may be advised for an in-person physical examination. You may be required to perform certain physical examination steps such as taking your temperature, blood pressure, finger oxygen saturation, perform a self-palpation of your abdomen or steps of a neurological examination.

Telemedicine is most useful for following up on chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, metabolic syndrome and weight management.

For Health Screening @Virtue Medical, we also encourage you to book a complimentary Pre-and Post-Health Screening Tele-consultation for your convenience and to avoid being exposed to pathogens in clinic.

In general, you should consult a doctor in-person if it cannot be diagnosed or treated without a physical examination. However, we understand that sometimes you’d like a doctor’s opinion before deciding on the next course of action. If unsure, please feel free to contact us via Whatsapp, phone call or fill in our “Get in Touch” form on our website.

If you experience symptoms (including but not limited to the following): chest pain, breathing difficulties, convulsions or seizures, severe abdominal pain, sudden numbness, weakness, slurred speech, loss of vision, loss of consciousness, injuries such as suspected fractures or dislocations or persistent bleeding, please proceed to the nearest Emergency Department immediately.

Consultation fee is $22 for weekdays before 6pm, and $32 for weekdays after 6pm, and weekends. Flat delivery fee of $5 to anywhere in Singapore except Sentosa (additional fee applies), Tuas, Jurong Island. 

Currently, our telemedicine operating hours closely follows our physical clinic operating hours from Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 12pm, Sunday 9am to 12pm and 6pm to 8pm. We are working on extending our Telemedicine operating hours to better serve your needs! 

1. Click on the “Book Telemedicine Appointment Now” button.

2. You will be directed to our clinic appointment calendar to book your appointment. 

3. You will be asked to fill in your credit card details, please be assured that Plato Pay is 100% secured, and your card information will not be stored. The card will charged only at the end of the consultation. We understand that situations may change, should you decide to visit a physical doctor instead, please cancel the Telemedicine appointment. There will not be any penalty or charge on your card. 

4. You should receive an email to confirm your appointment. Click on the Plato Connect link contained in the email to connect with the doctor. Ensure you have good internet connectivity, adequate lighting, and documents/card to verify your identity before the consult (if you have not already pre-registered using Singpass).

5. After the consultation, any medical certificate will be issued via Digital MC. Memos or referral letters will also be sent to your email address. You may also find the invoice in your email.

6. Medications will be delivered to your physical address within 3 hours. Please read our delivery FAQ for more information.

Yes, CHAS and other government subsidies may be used for Tele-consultations for Chronic conditions only. As of present, tele-consultation for acute conditions such as common colds, abdominal pain, fevers etc are not eligible for CHAS claims. 

All our corporate health insurance clients are covered for Telemedicine consultations.